Wheelbase: 2650 mm 104 in
Length: 4500 mm 177 in
Width: 2040 mm 80.3 in
Height 1105 mm 43.5 in
Track front: 1540 mm 60.6 in
Track rear: 1640 mm 64.6 in

  Manufacturer: Lamborghini
  Type: modified V-12 60 degree, light-alloy block, mid mounted (longitudal), rear wheel drive
  Bore x stroke: 87 mm x 80 mm
  Compression ratio 10.0:1
  Max. power : 525 bhp at 7000 rpm
  Max. torque : 580 Nm. at 5200 rpm
  Drivetrain : 5-Speed all synchromesh
  Top speed : 333 Km/h (207 Mph)
  0 - 100 Km/h : 4.0 sec
  0 - 1000 m : 20,7 sec

  Lamborghini Diablo 30 SE first deliveries started in June 1994. Limited at 150 units, only 25 for the U.S. Designed by Marcello Gandini
In 1993 Lamborghini designed and built a special car to celebrate their 30th anniversary! The Diablo SE30 was presented during the third Lamborghini Day in September 1993 in Sant'Agata. ( SE stands for Special Edition )
  The side windows were replaced by synthetic glass and only a small portion of them opened by turning a knob inside the door, no more power windows for the Diablo SE, so lot of weight was saved in the design. The rest of the interior was completely race orientated, but it still rather elegant.
  On the outside things also changed: most of the bodywork was still made of aluminium panels, but several parts were made of Carbon-Fibre, like the side-air-intakes and surrounding bodywork. The front spoiler was redesigned, now a little deeper, with two new, bigger air-intakes with a horizontal grill in them. Side air intakes now have two vertical ducts to lead the air-flow to two bigger oil-coolers. The SE rear spoiler drops towards the bodywork at both sides, while the central part of it was adjustable, for exact down force at high speeds. The rear engine hood was also redesigned, and now resembled the one used for the Miura in the Sixties.
  The Diablo SE was available for delivery starting from June 1994, but you had to be fast, only 150 SE's were ever built and about 15 of these were converted to Diablo Jota specifications. Go to shemes

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