3D Model looks
3D MODELS ( offered on CD )

Body plans we offer you are based on the best 3D models ( more than 30,000 poligons ) of the real cars.
Our engineers are using high-end 3D software to design the elements of the body. We have separeted the elemets of the body including side doors, bumpers and dashboards.
( all included only on the CD )

3D models are then used to export elemets in CAD format to create engineering drawings.


CAD software has been used to generate and extract sections from body. The Diablo plans contains 42 vertical sections on the leight of the body, 11 vertical sections for the width of car body and 9 horizontal sections. From sections we create patterns which you can use for molding body of the car.
Click for samples of the sections on the images on the right

Page 11 previewPage 13 previewPage 15 previewPage 64 preview The complete package of drawings is printed on book samples of which you can see by clicking on the images on the left! <more info>


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