Wheelbase: 2450 mm 96.5 in
Length: 4230 mm 166.5 in
Width: 1892 mm 74.5 in
Height: 1168 mm 46 in
Track front: 1501 mm 59.1 in
Track rear: 1577 mm 62.1 in

  Manufacturer: Ferrari
  Type: 90° alloy V8 Dry Sumped DOHC
32 valves total
4 valves per cylinder 3405cc
  Bore x stroke: 85 mm x 75 mm
  Compression ratio 10.4 : 1
  Max. power : 299PS at 7200 rpm
  Max. torque : 323.0 Nm at 4200 rpm
  Drivetrain : 5-Speed Manual
  Top speed : 324 km/h/ 201 mph
  0 - 100 Km/h : 5.6 s.
  0 - 1000 m : 24.7s 

In 1989 the 348 replaced the most successful and influential two-seat road car ever produced in Italy: the Ferrari 308/328.
The 348 was not simply a freshened 328, it was an entirely new car in every sense, except its sense of fun. The exterior styling was a radical departure, though it provided a strong visual connection to its contemporaries, the Ferrari Testarossa and F40.
Perhaps most notably, the 348 was offered in a very wide variety of body styles and trims, making it the most owner-configurable Ferrari to that time. It is a highly personal sports car, capable of 5.5 second sprints to 60mph and a top speed near 170mph. Go to shemes

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