Wheelbase: 2451 mm 96.5 in
Length: 4430 mm 173.2 in
Width: 1989 mm 77.6 in
Height: 1130 mm 44.3 in
Track front: 1595 mm 62.8 in
Track rear: 1610 mm 63.2 in

  Manufacturer: Ferrari
  Type: 90° alloy Twin Turbocharged V8 mounted longitudinally rear amidship Dual Overhead Camshafts, Four valves per cylinder, 2936cc
  Bore x stroke: 81.9mm x 69.5mm
  Compression ratio 7.7 : 1
  Max. power : 478PS at 7000 rpm
  Max. torque : 575.0 Nm at 4000 rpm
  Drivetrain : 5-Speed Manual
  Top speed : 324 km/h/ 201 mph
  0 - 100 Km/h : 4.5 s.
  0 - 1000 m : 21.0s 

The F40 was the last car introduced and commissioned by Enzo Ferrari himself. Its introduction and its name coincided with Ferrari's 40th anniversary as an automobile constructor.
The car was a celebration of the marque and the man seeking to safely provide owners with a race car for the street, embodying all the finest elements of 1987 automotive engineering. The F40 was to a large extent an evolution of the in both form and concept. Though not designed for a particular racing series, it was a car that could be driven to a track and raced competitively at a professional level.
It was a leap forward from the in aerodynamic, structural, and performance terms. As befitted a car designed with such dynamic purpose, it had a somewhat spartan interior: the focus was unification of man and machine, combining for awesome acceleration, handling, speed, and presence. Go to shemes

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